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The quest for the Mr. Right…..

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gay coupleMost of guys have this dream of a Mr. Right which is perfect for him.

He is handsome. Intelligent, rich and blaa blaa blaa. In many dating profiles I have seen guys say that they are looking for Mr. Right or playing around until he comes along. But the question is, what is the probability of us finding him? How many have found him?

Many guys who are in a relationship will say that they found him although it might not entirely true. Some don’t have any other choice than saying they found Mr. Right or they might risk the relationship. However there are some guys who can honestly say they have found Mr. Right including myself.

Here’s the question… is Mr. Right is completely right?

Can a guy be perfect? Can he be the perfect match for me ? 100 %?

If there is anyone who can answer this question with a “Yes” please contact me. Because I haven’t found anyone like that so far. I can’t guarantee that my Mr. Right is perfect, but I am not perfect with a long shot either. No one is.

Guys like me who honestly claim that they found Mr. Right have not really found the Mr. Right. It’s rather they have adjust or gave up something or may be lowered the standards to accommodate the one they think is Mr. Right.

Given that thought, the chance of finding the Mr. Right highly determined of our ability of adjusting to mismatches and unexpected. The more we can adjust more easy to find Mr. Right. However this is a bi-directional link. I can’t be the only one who is sacrificing. He should be able to do the same although it shouldn’t start fight. It’s not like “I-gave-up-one-now-you-give-up-one” theory. How, when, who, how much to adjust and scarifies will depend on the time, place and situation.

The fact I being an Asian and my guy is European has created many differences between us. Culturally we are complete opposite to each other. While he doesn’t hold his emotion even in public, we Asians try to hide it in public to save our good face from the society. Culture, religion, or politics, there is nothing we agree on completely. Often the discussions on them will get quite heated. But being the smart and intelligent man he is, indirectly he is teaching me lot of things that I don’t know, together with the heated discussions. As much as I don’t want to accept it, he always wins.

I am a person who never accepts defeat even if I realize I am wrong. One thing I can’t bare is being defeated. With my man I always accept defeat, sooner or later. That’s one of the things I have given up to make my man the Mr. Right. I have given up being the one always right. It might not be a big deal to some people or some might take it as a joke but for me, its hell of a thing to give up.

Think about that while being in the quest of the Mr. Right.


Written by Sayuru Gajasinghe

December 30, 2010 at 2:04 pm

Posted in English

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